Fur Trade

The fur trade was a result of demand on the product that has fur. Fur is being used in products that are being sold around the world. They are usually imported from other countries where the supply could be found. It is known that fur came from different animals that are hunted. But the fact also is that fur of dogs and cats are also being used. this was exposed and the world has known the reality. There was a call to end the export of fur to protect the lives of animals.

An investigation was made and so it was known that animals, dogs, and cats, are being treated in an inhumane way. The people only wanted their fur and so they are not treated well. From the transportation and how they are being handled, it is not good. Fur is a good one especially when they are made into finished products. They could be part of clothing or accessories and because they look very good that demand is there. Fur is not just attractive but also very nice to hold.

There is also the elegance to it. That is why they are being imported. Now they are calling for a ban on them and also for the buyers of products with fur to not to buy them anymore. It is their way of helping in the situation. It is for the sake of fashion that millions of animals are being killed and mistreated. Therefore an appeal is being made.